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Expedition 2007/8 for all of the adventure lovers and of the research and of information, open possibilities, you also participate of that trip, to the Northeast of Brazil. Link
Il Richiamo del Fiume Madeira
Attività - Progetti
lunedì, 02 novembre 2009
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International Human Rights - A Brazilian Amazon People Letter of Complaints !!!
Attività - Diretti Humani
giovedì, 24 maggio 2007


The Brazilian Amazon people is being massacred in his Rights as citizen! You can see at below because and knows how to be an operating one in the cause.

We, aboriginal peoples of Rondônia, south of Amazon (Brazil) and the congregated northwest of the Mato Grosso in Ji-Paraná (RO), in days (period of) 11 to the 13 of the month of April - 2007, we are came to display our claims in relation the revision of the limits of our lands, landmark, invasions, fiscalization and hydroeletrics (barrages). We want our traditional territories that are the roots of our culture and knowledge of our ancestors. Our families had been taked off from they original lands (staying with no land), and today are in the peripheries, guetos, and “favelas” (slums) in the town and cities losing his cultural roots, do not having anymore where to live or even place to plant to guarantee its self-sustainability and survive.

The Gavião People (inhabitants) does not want the road that the government made and that it cuts its Ikolen village.

We do not want pan in none of our lands! We do not want nor to listen to speak to take off the wealth of our lands! In fact this could to bring us a biggest risk to take our lifes off !

We do not want plantation of soy nor even of sugar cane in aboriginal land or even in other the proximity of it. In fact that, only brings agro toxics products that can in harming them, when takes bath in the river. Also it kills and it contaminates the fishes. It has other ways to live without needing to use agro toxics products. If then wants to learn as it makethenselfes, they can go learn with us here as how the people could live, without destroying the forest.

We also denounce the gravel robbery (ore) next the Bay one to the Ounce, in the River Guaporé and illegal mineration in the T.I. Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau. In the T.I. Roosevelt it has irregular extraction of gold of diamonds.

It has serious problems of wooden robbery in the T.I. Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, T.I. Karipuna, T.I. Lage, T.I. Ribeirao, T.I. Sete de Setembro, T.I. Parque de Aripuanã and T.I. Kwazá. It has chestnut robbery also generalized and other not lumber forest products (animal species, medicinal grass, seeds, oils).

We do not want hydroeletrics, none, that only come to ruin the Indians and even in the tradicional and also at fisherman communities land! It has alternative forms to generate energy without destroying the great mother-nature, created for the great father. Already we have much energy in Rondônia (Brazilian Statement)! It has as much energy that already everything is ruining.

We do not want hydroeletrics to destroy even more Rondônia, to ruin our rivers and to confuse the life of the aboriginal peoples. Beyond not returning our lands, the government still wants to take off more! Hydroeletrics has been polluted the water and sink our lands!

SOS Madeira's River (Wood) 2007 - Community of the
Attività - Campagne
martedì, 25 luglio 2006

Image SOS Madeira's River (Wood) 2007 - Community of the “Baixo Madeira” (Low Wood)   - Amazônia (Amazon)

SUPPORT : ARIRAMBAS - Preservation - Recycling - Reforestation

MAB - Movement Of The Brazilian Reached Ones for Barrages (Movimento dos atingidos por barragens)

Community Association of fisherman and social movemments, in the fighting for the goodness of the Traditional community  situated in Madeira's River, location of Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil


Attività - Campagne
venerdì, 14 aprile 2006




The advance of the capitalist “agrobusiness”, the fire in the forest, the deforestation advances with a destruction track. In a questiono f few years Brazil already knocked down 16.3% of the Amazonian forest. The researchers and scientists in alert them that to persist the current rhythm of deforestation of the forest for the cattle one, the farms of soy and the lumber exploration, 40% of it will have to disappear until the half of this century. Amazonia, in this point, will walk irreversible to changed itself into open pasture. The deforestation of the Amazônia will provoke climatic alterations in some regions of the planet, to start for Brazil. The desertification in the North can drastically affect the hidrologic system of the continent, creating great dry areas in the regions Center-West, Southeast and South of the Country (Brazil).


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